Family owned and operated, Texas Mesquite & Cedar Treasures is quite unlike any other business that you have ever known. After 25 years in residential construction, Benito Loera decided on a change in lifestyle. In August of 1998, he started a lifelong dream of working in his woodshop next to his home. With the help of his son, Daniel Loera, he started to build small furniture such as cedar chests and coffee tables.

As the business evolved very quickly, the Loeras started working with mesquite. Mesquite, which is a very unique wood, has many worm holes, bark inclusions, burls, and natural undulations.

With this in mind, Doris Loera, Benito's wife, came up with the idea of using turquoise to fill in the natural voids. This, of course was a big hit with everyone they met at different arts and crafts shows.

As different techniques were experimented with and short cuts created, Daniel developed the latest technique used today to inlay the stones. This style was created for a furniture design project at Southwest Texas State University in the fall of 1999.

Today, the Loera's create some of the most beautiful mesquite furniture and accessories you can find. The shop has grown to accommodate projects such as mesquite flooring, aromatic cedar chests, inlaid tables, jewelry and jewelry boxes, pool tables and much more. Check out the Online Store for stunning examples of their unique works of art.